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Jules Pansu offers its know-how and accompanies you in the development of your specific projects. We study different production techniques in order to correspond to your expectations.



  • Waterproofing treatment

This water-repellent treatment is applied to the surface of the fabric and no longer allows water to seep into the fibres. It allows for quick cleaning. Washability is limited.

  • Fireproof treatment

This is a treatment applied to the fabric to give it non-combustible properties and to slow down the spread of flames. This treatment gives rise to a classification that meets the standards in force.


  • Trevira CS / No fire

In order to meet the standards of certain projects, particularly for the hotel industry, institutions and administrations, we can transpose your documents or adapt our models on Trevira CS. This fibre allows us to meet the fireproof standards imposed on these markets.

  • Adaptation of a model

Rich in its archives, drawings and maps, the Jules Pansu house puts this wealth at your disposal for the execution of your projects. Each design can be adapted to your needs.

  • Your own creations

We will help you to develop your fabric. Therefore, starting from your own creation, classic or modern, we transpose your design into textiles by choosing the weaving techniques, materials and colour development.